Kung Fu Monthly was first published in 1974 and lasted for 79 issues, plus 2 special editions, it also published several collector item books which are displayed in the special editions section. To my knowledge this is the only site that displays all the front covers of every issue, special edition, and collectorís books, it will also display British special editions and American special editions where the front covers were different. It was not until a year later in 1975 that KFM released itís issues to the rest of the world, for some reason their issue one started with the same front cover as the British issue number three?

Itís founder Felix Dennis is still in publishing, there is a link to his website in the Links section, on the site you will find a brief history of Kung Fu Monthly, it is well worth a look!

Please note that i am a collector and do not have any affiliation with Kung Fu Monthly publications.